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Game of Thrones : A Character I Used to Know

On le sait tous : Game of Thrones est une série traumatisante à souhait. On a l’impression que dès qu’un personnage commence à sortir du lot via son charisme, sa prestance, et sa philosophie de vie, quelque chose d’horrible va lui arriver d’un épisode à l’autre. Et pour cause, George Raymond Richard Martin est un véritable sadique et le revendique : “J’aime tuer mes personnages. Surtout ceux auquel les fans se sont attachés hihihi”. MONSTRE. Cette chanson est un tribut pour la saison 1 qui comporte des morts traumatisantes à la pelle. Notamment une malheureusement et bien connue de tous (ça commence par un N et ça finit par un Stark). Personnellement je resterai traumatisé à vie.


Now and then I think back to 2011
Back in season one when all the characters were alive.
Told myself that it was just TV
But didn’t know it meant so much to me.
And though it’s fiction, it’s an ache I still remember.

You can get addicted to a certain HBO show.
Chock full of violence and boobs…so many boobs.
(When) characters started dying off like flies,
(And then) That’s when I was forced to realize
That this show would ruin my whole life forever.

But you didn’t have to kill them off
George R.R. Martin, why are you such a sadistic bastard?
I went through a whole tissue box,
And my friends who read the books say that there’s worse to come.

No you didn’t have to kill the King (Robert)—
Putting the kingdom and its subjects in the hands of Joffrey
I know that he was drunk and old,
But now he’s just a character I used to know.
(Now he’s just a character I used to know)
(Now he’s just a character I used to know)

I thought the main character was Ned Stark, since he’s on the posters.
That had me believing that you wouldn’t dare to kill him, too.
But then you put my dreams in check
When you put a sword through Ned Stark’s neck
Wasn’t ready to let him go.
And I didn’t know he’d end up as a character I used to know.

And then you go after Khal Drogo?
Goddamnit, Martin, I was finally starting to ship them.
C’mon, he was her sun and stars!
He got a goddamn papercut, are you for real?

And then you brought him back to life?
Killing him once wasn’t enough for you? Think of the fangirls.
I should’ve been prepared by now
For him to be a character I used to know.

King Robert (I used to know)
Ned Stark (now he’s just a character I used to know)
Khal Drogo (I used to know)
Now they’re all just characters I used to know

(I used to know)
(That I used to know)
(I used to know)


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